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General Questions

Tivity is a fun and easy way to meet people and make friends all around the world. Our community of hosts and guests come together over unique activities created by you. When you sign up as a host, you can share meals and other local activities to be joined by members of the Tivity community. As a guest, book Tivity activities to get to know new places from an insider's perspective, meet people wherever you go and even make new friends where you live.
Funny you should ask... that question has its very own page on our site, check it out!
As long as you're over 18, you're good to go. If you aren't 18 yet, you can ask a parent or guardian to create an account and you can join activities as their guest. Other than that, we're open to everyone!
Why not be the first to join? We welcome new signups from everywhere. Don't want to do it alone, get some friends together to sign up with you or shoot us an email and we'll look at having our ambassadors jump-start activities in your community!
Nope, joining Tivity is 100% FREE! While guests do pay to join some of the activities offered through Tivity, you also earn rewards that can be used to book future activities, give to select charities or even put cash back in your pocket.

Account Settings

Accidents happen. Just shoot us an email requesting a password reset link and we'll take care of it for you!
That's easy! Just go to the Privacy section of your account settings page , enter your old password, enter your new password, and save.
You can update your email address at any time in the Personal Details section of your account settings page .
If you feel the need to deactivate your account, just email us and we will update your account status to deactivated within 48 hours. When you deactivate your account, we keep your details so that you can reactivate your account at any time. If you don't want us to hold your account for you, you can ask us to delete your account instead. We'll be sorry to see you go, but we'll still make sure that all of your records are removed from our system.
Yep, you do. If you haven't signed up yet, but you have a friend who is a Tivity member, they can book an event and add you as a guest. Otherwise, it only takes a minute or two to create an account for yourself, and it's FREE!
You sure can! Just update the username field in the Personal Details section of your account settings page .

Member Profiles

Tivity is all about meeting new people and making friends around the world. Filling out your profile helps other members get to know you a little before deciding to get together in person. The more complete your profile, the more likely you are to be invited to join members-only activities in our featured cities and the more likely hosts are to accept your booking requests.
Only logged-in members can view your full profile. People who are not members can only see your nickname, if you are a host or guest, your city and your introduction line; they do NOT have access to your full profile
You can update your profile at any time by visiting your profile and clicking on the "edit" button in the upper right corner.

Member Verification

We require all hosts to verify their accounts. Verification is optional for guests, but it makes our hosts extra happy when they get booking requests from verified guests.
Our verification service normally costs $15 or it can be purchased by redeeming 150 rewards points. For a limited time, we're offering it for FREE! To get free verification, enter code EARLY ADOPTER at checkout.

Questions from Hosts

Tivity hosts love being part of the community for many reasons. Some of the main reasons hosts sign up are to meet new people, because they love to share their cooking and to get real-life practice speaking a foreign language. Joining is easy and free, and when you host activities on Tivity you'll earn points that can be redeemed to join other hosts' activities for free, for cash rewards, or to make donations to the charity of your choice.
The only thing we ask is that any activity you publish is the type of thing you love to do on your own or something you would invite one of your own friends to do with you. As long as the activities you offer reflect the hobbies and interests you are passionate about, we're sure your guests will have a great time with you!
As many as you want!
You sure can! We've found that it's easier to get to know new people and make lasting friendships in small groups, so activities are limited to 8 guests by default. If 8 seems like too many for you, feel free to set the maximum guest limit for any Activity you offer as you see fit.
You can! We're happy to give you a unique invite code to wave the booking fee for your friends, just message us with your request. We recommend that your friends add themselves to your activities by booking through Tivity, that way other guests know how many people to expect, and it keeps your guest list from exceeding the limit you've set.
You have 48 hours to respond to any booking request. Guests always appreciate it when you respond as soon as you can!
If you don't respond within 48 hours, your guests' booking request will expire and will show up on their dashboard as "declined".
Nope! It's 100% up to you which booking requests you accept.

Questions from Guests

Host certainly don't expect you to bring anything for them, but, as with a friend, they always appreciate it when you show your gratitude, through a genuine "thank you" or otherwise. If you want to bring them a simple gift, especially one that complements the offered Activity, you are welcome to do so.
Unless your host tells you otherwise, please show up on time. If you are running late for any reason, make sure you contact them to let them know when to expect you.
You sure can! When you make a booking, you can book on behalf of your friends as long as you select them from your Tivity contacts or provide their email addresses. If your friends want to pay separately, they should sign up for Tivity and book the same event at the same date and time from their own accounts.
You can, just make sure to let your host know that there has been a change!
Tivity hosts are asked to respond to booking requests as soon as they can, but at the latest, you should hear back within 48 hours.
In the case that your host isn't available, they will decline your request and you won't be charged for the booking. The updated booking status will be shown in the "Activities I'm Joining" section of your dashboard.

Tivity Activities

Absolutely! Joining a local Tivity event is all about meeting new people and making friends no matter where in the world you go. Hosts are like new friends who have invited you to get together; they aren't chefs, and Tivity meals aren't intended to simply be an alternative to catered events. Getting to know other Tivity members is the thing people love most about being part of the community, no matter the type of event.
Yes, they are. Each event allows between 1 and 8 guests. If your booking is for fewer than the maximum guest limit, other guests are welcome to book the same event.
We always recommend that at least one person in your group brings proof of booking. You can provide proof of your booking by showing the confirmed booking on your Tivity dashboard or by showing your confirmation email.
When your booking is confirmed by the host, you will receive a confirmation email with the contact information of your host, including address details. In the case that your Activity will not be held at your hosts home, you'll also receive instructions for how to get to your meeting point.

Trust & Safety

Many of our hosts and activities are personally vetted by Tivity ambassadors. All hosts with a "verified" status have either been vetted or hosted 3 or more activities with other guests for which they have received positive reviews. If a host's status is "pending verification", they have submitted all verification information, but they have yet to be visited by an ambassador or have not yet hosted at least 3 positively reviewed activities.
We never recommend sharing your personal information with members you have not yet met, through Tivity or otherwise. The safest way to contact other members on Tivity is through the messaging section of your dashboard. We share required contact information with your host after they have confirmed your booking, at the same time that their contact information is shared with you.
Absolutely. We take suspicious behavior very seriously. Please report immediately to

Payment Policies

Your payment will be collected after your host confirms your booking. If a booking is declined for any reason, you will not be charged.
No. Tivity only accepts payments though our online booking system. If a hosts ever asks you for a payment, please report them immediately.
Nope. You should think of joining a Tivity Activity as you would getting together with a friend. Tivity hosts are not paid, they offer activities because they love to meet new people and share their favorite things about their cultures and the places they live. Do you tip your friends if you get together and have a nice time? They'd probably think it was weird if you did, and our hosts will too!

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations are only permitted under extenuating circumstances, such as medical or family emergencies and will be considered on a case by case basis. Email within 72 hours of the reservation time to be eligible for a full credit to be used towards future bookings. All later emergency cancellations are eligible for a 50% credit.
If a guest does not show up by the start time of a booked Activity, please attempt to contact them to see if they are just running late. If they have not contacted you, you are unable to contact them and they are 15 minutes late or later, you can consider them a no-show. Please report any no-shows to

Tivity Ambassadors

Tivity ambassadors are a select group of members who are especially active in the community. Ambassadors help us find new members, host Tivity's special events, verify new hosts and test new activities.
You are welcome to apply to become an ambassador! Visit our Ambassador Program page to find out more.
We do! To apply, please send an email telling us why you would make a good affiliate to and we'll get back to you with program details.

For all other questions email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for visiting!