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When the lights go down, the streets fill up. Madrid is a lady of the night, boasting the most bars per capita in the world. The Spanish love to have a good time and nowhere is that more apparent than in their capital city. But bars in Madrid aren't just for drinking. Most of the local haunts offer a mouthwatering selection of tapas and other traditional Spanish foods, functioning like mini versions of casual Madrid restaurants. When you're looking to meet new people and make local friends in Madrid, the classic "bares de viejo" - old man bars - aren't a bad place to start. Despite their nickname, they aren't exclusively frequented by old men, but rather neighborhood locals in the mood to snack and socialize. The Spanish are a VERY social people, and speaking just a little of their language will go a long way in starting up a conversation. While you are unlikely to make a lot of close friends this way, casual chats with locals are a great way to find out what to do in Madrid right now and get other personalized tips. When you're looking for an easier way to meet new people in Madrid and get insiders-only insights into the city, join a local Activity with one of our Madrid hosts!

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Immerse yourself in the local culture of

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