Destination: Lisbon

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If we had to name the most underrated of European cities, Lisbon would be it. The Portuguese Capital has it all, and then some. Want sunshine? Lisbon has around 250 sunny days a year. Interested in History? Lisbon is Europe’s 2nd oldest Capital, outdone only by Athens, and one of the world's oldest cities. Looking for a bite to eat? Lisbon is teeming with cafes and restaurants, and most are SUPER budget-friendly. Still not convinced? Lisbon also boasts breathtaking hilltop vistas, a quaint network of colorful trams, spectacularly tiled buildings, a sparkling coastline and one of the coolest urban cultures around. To sum it up, this place is absolutely amazing. Wondering were to start? Join one of our Lisbon Activities to meet the locals and let them introduce you to their city!

Our Lisbon Activities are in Beta and only visible to our local ambassadors. If you'd like to apply to become an ambassador, please don't hesitate to email us! To get involved with the local Tivity community by hosting meals at your home, sign up today!

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