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Tivity Insiders range from hobbyists to experts who love to share their favorite activities with new friends. You don’t need any special skills to become an insider, just a passion for what you share and an open, welcoming attitude. Add your first Activity!

What Makes for a Great Activity?

The best activities highlight your passions and are things you look forward to doing yourself. Add activities that you can’t get enough of or use them as a fun way to try new things... anything goes, from sharing a meal of your favorite recipes to downhill mountain biking. Describe your activities in a way that's engaging and friendly, you wouldn't want them to come across as boring or touristy!

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Sharing activities through Tivity gives you an excuse to try new things, visit new places, and spend more time doing what you love. Our activity feed and scheduling features make getting a group of friends together super easy!


Access to our global community makes it easier to connect with people you’d otherwise be unlikely to meet. Use activities to share your passions, break into new cultures, practice a language, or simply meet more people in your own city.


You have complete control over who can join your activities; share them with the whole community or, if you want, make some activities visible to friends only. Want to let friends and family book your activities for FREE? Add them to your VIP list and we'll waive their booking fee.


Our Insiders earn rewards for each person that pays to join one of their activities. The amount of rewards you earn depends on the type of activity you share. It’s up to you how and when you redeem them; use rewards to join others' activities, get cash back or donate to one of our featured charities.

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